“Hidden From The World” Released!

September 24, 2013 10:00 am

Last month we issued a press release about our new album, Hidden From The World, being completed and we launched an online web comic to introduce you to our new music. Then, last week we released the first full song, Of Despairon

Today we are proud to announce the full release of this new record! We have physical copies available in our merch section and it went to every major online retail store via CDBaby. Yes, that means you can listen to it on Spotify whenever you want as well.


We’ve released Hidden From The World streaming online for free because what matters to us—as a new band—is that you hear, enjoy and share our music with your friends! With that said, if you love this music, get the DIGIPAK CD & Lyric Booklet directly from us on our merch page, buy digital downloads via or iTunes and/or buy some apparel. Making good quality music isn’t cheap or easy and we want to keep doing it for you!

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Now… listen to the album in full & SHARE IT! #hftw #oceanborn

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